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Affiliated Marine and Wind Energy Environmental Documents

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Title Author Date Content Type Technology Stressor Receptor
Education and Training for Maritime Spatial Planners Calado, H., Fonseca, C., Ansong, J. Book Chapter Marine Energy Human Dimensions, Marine Spatial Planning
Biodiversity and Wind Farms in Portugal: Current Knowledge and Insights for an Integrated Impact Assessment Process Mascarenhas, M., Marques, A., Ramalho, R. Book Wind Energy Collision, Displacement, Habitat Change Bats, Birds, Terrestrial Mammals
Managing Coniferous Production Forests Towards Bat Conservation Pereira, M., Peste, F., Paula, A. Journal Article Bats
Camera-Trapping as a Methodology to Assess the Persistence of Wildlife Carcasses Resulting from Collisions with Human-Made Structures Paula, J., Bispo, R., Leite, A. Journal Article Wind Energy, Land-Based Wind Collision
How to Mitigate Impacts of Wind Farms on Bats? A Review of Potential Conservation Measures in the European Context Peste, F., Paula, A., Pinto da Silva, P. Journal Article Wind Energy, Land-Based Wind Displacement, Collision, Avoidance, Attraction Bats
Biodiversity & Wind Energy: A Bird's and Bat's Perspective Mascarenhas, M., Bernardino, J., Paula, A. Book Wind Energy, Land-Based Wind Bats, Birds
Understanding Bird Collisions at Wind Farms: An Updated Review on the Causes and Possible Mitigation Strategies Marques, A., Batalha, H., Rodrigues, S. Journal Article Wind Energy, Fixed Offshore Wind Collision Birds
Low-cost acoustic design of a bat test room Correia, R., Faneca, C., Albuquerque, D. Journal Article Bats
Characterization of the Ultrasonic Acoustic Field of a Wind Turbine Pereira, M., Fonseca, C., InĂ¡cio, O. Conference Paper Wind Energy Bats
Bat Monitoring System for Wind Farms Correia, R., Faneca, C., Vieira, J. Conference Paper Wind Energy, Land-Based Wind Bats
Bird and bat mortality at Portuguese wind farms Bernardino, J., Zina, H., Passos, I. Conference Paper Wind Energy, Land-Based Wind Bats, Birds