Mendoza, E.

Affiliated Marine and Wind Energy Environmental Documents

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Title Author Date Content Type Technology Stressor Receptor
Environmental Assessment of the Impacts and Benefits of a Salinity Gradient Energy Pilot Plant Marin-Coria, E., Silva, R., Enriquez, C. Journal Article Marine Energy, Salinity Gradient Changes in Flow, Chemicals, Habitat Change Ecosystem Processes, Physical Environment
A Review on Environmental and Social Impacts of Thermal Gradient and Tidal Currents Energy Conversion and Application to the Case of Chiapas, Mexico Rivera, G., Felix, A., Mendoza, E. Journal Article Marine Energy, OTEC, Tidal Changes in Flow, Collision, EMF, Habitat Change, Noise Birds, Ecosystem Processes, Physical Environment, Fish, Marine Mammals, Human Dimensions
Climate drivers of directional wave power on the Mexican coast Oderiz, I., Silva, R., Mortlock, T. Journal Article Marine Energy, Wave Human Dimensions, Climate Change
A framework to evaluate the environmental impact of OCEAN energy devices Mendoza, E., Lithgow, D., Flores, P. Journal Article Marine Energy, Ocean Current, OTEC, Tidal, Wave, Wind Energy, Fixed Offshore Wind Human Dimensions
Wave Energy in Tropical Regions: Deployment Challenges, Environmental and Social Perspectives Felix, A., Hernández-Fontes, J., Lithgow, D. Journal Article Marine Energy, Wave Birds, Fish, Marine Mammals, Human Dimensions, Social & Economic Data
On the Marine Energy Resources of Mexico Hernández-Fontes, J., Felix, A., Mendoza, E. Journal Article Marine Energy, Ocean Current, OTEC, Salinity Gradient, Wave Ecosystem Processes, Physical Environment
Beach response to wave energy converter farms acting as coastal defence Mendoza, E., Silva, R., Zanuttigh, B. Journal Article Wave, Marine Energy Changes in Flow Physical Environment