August 2016 CCSI2 Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) Meeting

The first meeting of the CCSI2 Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) was held on August 9–10, 2016 in Pittsburgh, PA. The CCSI2 IAB meeting was held concurrently with the Carbon Capture Technology Project Review Meeting to familiarize both the IAB and the carbon capture community to the final CCSI Toolset. To the combined audience, the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy, Douglas Hollett, announced the formal launch of the CCSI Toolset, unveiling the final product for widespread commercial licensing. These meetings were scheduled together to acquaint the carbon capture community with the final CCSI toolset and welcome the attendees of the conference to join in the IAB meeting. The attendees of the Carbon Capture meeting were free to attend select portions of the IAB meeting, where finer details of the CCSI toolset were presented, demonstrations of the toolset were given, and technology developers were given the opportunity to pitch their ideas for collaboration with the CCSI2 team. Plans for early work in applying the Toolset to high priority development efforts in the next five-year CCSI2 project were also discussed.