Carbon Capture Simulation Initiative (CCSI) Team Visits Boeing

Members of the NETL-led Carbon Capture Simulation Initiative (CCSI) visited Boeing on June 28-29, 2011 to learn how they are successfully using simulation and modeling to support the development of new aircraft, such as the 787. Although differing in application, both CCSI and Boeing face similar challenges in the fields of multi-scale modeling, model validation, optimization, software integration, uncertainty quantification and decision analysis. During the two day visit, senior members of Boeing’s technical staff provided detailed briefings on various ways they are employing advanced simulation and modeling to accelerate development and support their businesses. A number of areas of mutual interest were identified for further discussion and potential collaboration.

Pictured in front of one of the 787's jet engines, from left to right: Mark Burgess (Boeing), Mark Williams (NETL), Roger Cottrell (NETL), Ed Jones (LLNL), David Miller (NETL), Nick Sahinidis (Carnegie Mellon University), Ronald Breault (NETL), Ed Rubin (Carnegie Mellon University), David Brown (LLNL), Charles Tong (LLNL), Tom Epperly (LLNL), Emily Ryan (PNNL), Charlie Freeman (PNNL), Xin Sun (PNNL), David Whelan (Boeing), Bruce Letellier (LANL), Joanne Wendelberger (LANL), Richard (Dick) Russell (PNNL) and Josh Boverhof (LBNL).