Carbon Capture Simulation Initiative Releases Next Generation CCSI Toolset

The NETL-led Carbon Capture Simulation Initiative (CCSI) released the latest generation of the CCSI Toolset on October 31, a week after demonstrating the new capabilities to eighteen members of its Industry Advisory Board. The latest release includes 12 new products and significant updates to 11 products from the previous release to provide new capabilities and improved usability. The new tools include an integrated Framework for Optimization and Quantification of Uncertainty and Sensitivity (FOQUS), a validated CFD model to predict particle attrition, and a new tool to create reduced models of dynamic simulations to enable more effective study of the operational characteristics of potential carbon capture systems. Another new tool enables the use of advanced Bayesian statistical methods for calibration and validation of models. The latest release also includes a new basic data submodel for a high-viscosity carbon capture solvent following CCSI’s expansion into this area less than a year ago. The CCSI Toolset is currently licensed by 5 companies: GE, Alstom, Phillips66, B&W, and Chevron. CCSI is a collaboration among researchers at NETL, LANL, LBNL, LLNL, PNNL, Carnegie Mellon U., West Virginia U., Princeton U., Boston U., and the University of Texas.