CCSI2 FOQUS 3.8.0 released

Hello all,

On behalf of the FOQUS development team, I'm pleased to announce the 3.8.0 release of FOQUS.

3.8.0 Release Highlights:

  • Addition of new SDoE capability: Input-Response Space Filling (IRSF)
  • Improvements to SDoE UI and visualization capabilities
  • Minor fixes to UQ and OUU modules regarding usability and visualization
  • Replacement of foqusPsuadeClient BAT file with entry point
  • SM Optimizer improvements
    • Working with GAMS solver
    • Simplified multi start initialization at each iteration
    • Time taken to implement each step according to the algorithm, in each iteration is displayed on the message window
    • Restructured solver settings GUI - math optimization solver options can be specified by the user in a dictionary, within the GUI
    • Code style changes to follow the pep 8 standards as much as possible
  • FOQUS Cloud Notification UI now available in the Help Menu
    • Current windows displays status of Autoscaling, EC2 virtual machines, and Queues
    • To use must add a Notification section with url key to the turbine configuration file
    • FOQUS Cloud status updates are broadcast to all clients via a web socket connection
    • Web sockets are secured using wss protocol and utilizes Basic HTTP Authentication

For detailed instructions on getting started, examples, tutorials or references, take a look at our online documentation and/or one of our YouTube video tutorial playlists.

Feedback and participation is always welcomed.  Feel free to send an email to our ccsi-support email list, start a discussion with the developers and other users on our ccsi-users email list or directly open an issue or pull-request at our GitHub repo.

Keith Beattie