CCSI2 FOQUS 3.9.0 released

Hello all,

On behalf of the FOQUS development team, I'm pleased to announce the 3.9.0 release of FOQUS.

3.9.0 Release Highlights:

  • Addition of the Robust Optimality-based Design of Experiments (ODoE) to the SDoE module
  • PSUADE-Lite as conda package to facilitate optional software installation for users of UQ, OUU and SDoE 

To install psuade-lite (after installing FOQUS):

conda activate ccsi-foqus  # Use the same conda env as FOQUS was installed in
conda install --yes -c conda-forge -c CCSI-Toolset psuade-lite
psuade --help  # Quickly test that the psuade executable has been installed correctly
  • Various minor bug-fixes, documentation and examples improvements

For detailed instructions on getting started, examples, tutorials or references, take a look at our online documentation and/or one of our YouTube video tutorial playlists.

Feedback and participation is always welcomed.  Feel free to send an email to our ccsi-support email list, start a discussion with the developers and other users on our ccsi-users email list or directly open an issue or pull-request at our GitHub repo.

Keith Beattie