Fall 2015 CCSI Industry Advisory Board (IAB) Meeting

The semi-annual CCSI Industry Advisory Board (IAB) Program Review Meeting was held on September 23–24, 2015 in Reston, VA. The meeting was the ninth meeting for the project and the last in the current format of this phase of CCSI, which will conclude in early 2016 following the next major release of the CCSI Toolset in November 2015. The focus of the meeting was to highlight new capabilities of the CCSI Toolset, to share industry experience working with the project, and to receive feedback from the IAB on the tools and CCSI2. Regis Conrad, Director, Division of Advanced Energy Systems, and Carbon Capture Program Manager, John Litynski, gave keynote addresses that provided perspectives on the future of carbon capture and U.S. DOE projects to implement technologies to reduce carbon emissions.  Technical highlights of the meeting included presentations by the project technical team on process systems models and device scale simulations for both sorbents and solvents. Twenty posters were presented on a variety of topics spanning the entire scope of CCSI including CFD modelling, basic data tools, FOQUS, APC framework, process modelling, and oxycombustion. A presentation was also given by Process Systems Enterprise, Ltd. on the future commercialization of the CCSI Toolset.