Process Systems Enterprise to develop commercialization plans for CCSI Toolset

The U.S. Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) has selected Process Systems Enterprise, Ltd. (Cedar Lakes, NJ) to receive funding through its Crosscutting Research Program’s Technology Development to Enable Highly Efficient Power Systems with Carbon Management initiative. PSE will partner with Carnegie Mellon University and West Virginia University to identify market opportunities and develop commercialization plans for state-of-the-art computation modeling and simulation tools created by CCSI within gPROMS (general PROcess Modeling System), software that provides a modeling environment.

The NETL Crosscutting Technology Research Program is intended to bridge the gap between fundamental and applied technology by supporting efforts that improve existing plants through efficiency; provide materials and techniques for advanced power generation; and introduce and foster growth of new technologies.

The projects, which require at least a 20 percent match from the awardee, fall under five specific topics of interest: technology transfer of high performance structural materials for fossil energy; hot gas path sensors for industrial gas turbines; testing of novel control architecture incorporating sensor information in advanced energy systems; simulation initiatives for high efficiency carbon management systems; and water management and treatment for power plant and carbon dioxide (CO2) storage operations.

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