Hydrodynamics of the rivulet flow over corrugated sheet used in structured

TitleHydrodynamics of the rivulet flow over corrugated sheet used in structured
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsSingh RK, Galvin JE, Sun X
JournalInternational Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control
Start Page87
Date Published09/2017

A key factor influencing the overall efficiency in a structured packed column, such as used for solvent absorption,

is wetting of the corrugated sheets. Computational fluid dynamics modeling of solvent absorption is a multi-scale

problem with flow over a corrugated sheet providing a relatively simple setup to investigate the microscale flow

phenomena present in these complex systems. Accordingly, multiphase flow simulations of rivulet flow over a

corrugated sheet were systematically carried out over a wide range of solvent physical properties and contact

angles using the volume of fluid method. A scaling analysis for wetted and interfacial areas was performed on the

simulation results, and a theory for interfacial area in terms of Kapitza number is proposed. The advantage of the

Kapitza number is that it only depends on fluid properties and is independent of flow parameters. The results

show that the interfacial area of the rivulet decreases as the Kapitza number increases for a given contact angle

and flow rate. The effects of the corrugation angle on the interfacial area were also extensively investigated. The

interfacial area shows non-monotonic variation with increasing corrugation angle, i.e, it first increases until 45°

and then it decreases. Hence, 45° can be considered the optimum corrugation angle for enhanced interfacial area

in this setup.