Contributing to Tethys

Dear Members of the Tethys Community,

As Tethys continues to grow and expand, we need your help in providing additional content for the Tethys knowledge base. We are constantly seeking new documents, research studies, and project sites that pertain to the environmental effects of marine and wind (offshore and land-based) energy developments.

If you have content you wish to add to Tethys, let us know! There are several ways to contribute to the Tethys knowledge base.

To add documents to Tethys:

  • Please email with any of the following:
    • PDF attachment or link to the document; or
    • DOI; or
    • Title, author, and year.

To notify us of any marine energy project sites, either developed or being developed:

To notify us of any ongoing marine energy research studies:

If you have any questions, or wish to contribute, please email