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Using clean, low-carbon energy sources is more important now than ever. As we combat climate change, marine renewable energy (MRE) has the potential to play an important role. However, we need to understand the impact tidal, wave, and ocean thermal energy devices may have on the environment in order to deploy MRE devices in a responsible manner.

OES-Environmental has compiled educational resources to increase awareness and understanding of MRE and associated environmental effects as well as support the future workforce. The materials and resources on this page can be used by students of all ages and educational backgrounds. Educators, schools, aquariums and zoos, science camps, etc. may also want to use this page for fun, educational content or to develop a classroom curriculum on environmental effects of MRE. 

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Tethys Resources

Tethys is a repository for thousands of journal articles, reports, conference papers, theses, and presentations pertinent to the environmental effects of MRE. Documents can be easily searched and filtered in the Knowledge Base, a smart and searchable table, or the Map Viewer, a searchable map showing only documents associated with a physical location.

Each document is manually added and tagged by a trained team of researchers to assure a high quality of relevant information. Documents are tagged with relevant environmental stressors (e.g., noise, collision) and receptors (e.g., marine mammals) to highlight some of the key environmental concerns and enable comprehensive topical searches. For more information on each of the tags used throughout Tethys, check out the Glossary.

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